How to Fix Too Much Salt in Baking (6 Simple Solutions)


After 50+ years of baking, I’d like to share a lifetime of wisdom from many days spent amidst the sweet aroma of freshly baked treats and, yes, the occasional mishap. Over the years, I’ve encountered my fair share of culinary challenges, and among the trickiest is the dreaded over-salted baking dilemma. But do not fret! This old baker has a few tricks up her sleeve, and today, I’m sharing them with you.

A Little About Salt in Baking

Before we delve into fixes, let’s understand why we use salt in the first place. Salt enhances flavor, strengthens gluten, and controls the fermentation in yeast bread. A sprinkle of this magic crystal can elevate a bland dish. But, like all good things, too much can spoil the fun.

Recognizing The Over-Salt Culprit

Before we whip out our rescue toolkit, let’s ensure the problem is an excess of salt. Taste the dough or batter; it’s confirmed if it leaves a briny taste on your tongue. You have a fighting chance if you’re lucky enough to catch the error before baking.

Jelly Grandma’s Tried and True Fixes For Over-Salted Baking

Fix #1. Dilution

This is the most straightforward method. Consider doubling the recipe without adding more salt if your dough or batter tastes too salty. This will reduce the salt concentration by half. For example:

  • If you’re making cookie dough, prepare another batch without the salt and mix the two together. Ensure the ingredients are mixed thoroughly to distribute the salt evenly.

This should balance things out. Plus, more baked goods – that’s always a win!

Fix #2. Addition of Sugars and Fats

These components can counteract the taste of excess salt to some extent.

  • If baking a cake or bread, consider adding a touch more butter or a sprinkle more sugar. For cookies, consider incorporating a handful of unsweetened chocolate chips or nuts. However, be cautious, as too much fat or sugar can change the texture and baking time.

Adding a Sweet Touch

In desserts, a pinch of extra sugar or sweetener can mask the saltiness to an extent. It’s a delicate balance; too much sugar can overpower and make it cloyingly sweet.

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Fix #3. Bulk It Up

For cookies or similar treats, consider adding more of the other ingredients. More flour, nuts, chocolate chips, or fruits can dilute the salty taste.

Fix #4. Incorporate Complementary Flavors

Sometimes, the best way to combat excess saltiness is by introducing new flavors that balance it out.

  • If you’re baking savory muffins or bread, ingredients like unsalted sun-dried tomatoes, olives, or even certain cheeses can be added to divert attention from the saltiness. For sweet baked goods, consider adding unsweetened fruits or unsalted nuts.

Fix #5. Milk To The Rescue

Adding a little extra liquid, preferably milk, can help counteract the saltiness in recipes like bread or cakes. But remember, adding too much liquid can alter the consistency, so tread lightly!

Fix #6. Create a Filling or Frosting

This is an innovative way to camouflage the mistake. If your cake or cupcakes turned out too salty, prepare a sweet, rich filling or frosting to counterbalance.

  • Think about a luscious cream cheese frosting for your carrot cake or a thick chocolate ganache for your salty chocolate cake. The creaminess and sweetness of these additions can mask the saltiness and create a delightful taste contrast.

Fix #7. Convert It!

Turn that cookie dough into a crust! A slightly salty crust can be perfect for cheesecakes or cream pies, where the filling is sweet and can balance the flavors.

Fix #7. Serve with a Complementing Side

This isn’t about fixing the baked product directly but offering something alongside it that helps neutralize the saltiness.

  • For instance, if your bread is too salty, serve it with a mild unsalted soup or stew. If you’ve baked cookies that are saltier than expected, consider serving them with a scoop of unsweetened ice cream or a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream.

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  1. Why is there a salty aftertaste in my baked goods?
    It could be due to uneven mixing. Always make sure you whisk your dry ingredients properly to avoid salt pockets.
  2. I accidentally doubled the salt. Is there any saving my dough?
    Doubling up the rest of the ingredients, while omitting the salt, could balance things out. But, it might be best to start over for perfect results.
  3. Can I leave the salt out entirely?
    Salt adds flavor and has specific functions in baking. If you’re sensitive to salt, reduce the quantity, but don’t eliminate it completely.

Final Bite

While our culinary journey might have its ups and downs, remember that every seasoned baker (pun intended) has faced the salty demon at some point. It’s these challenges that sharpen our skills and refine our palate.

With the right tricks, a dash of patience, and a sprinkle of love, even the saltiest mistakes can be transformed into a delightful treat. Keep that apron on and the oven warm, for every baking misstep is but a stepping stone to perfection.

Thanks for stoppin’ by!

Jelly Grandma

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