8 Best Oven Safe Skillets (And How To Tell If One Is Safe)

I’ve been using a variety of types over my 50+ years of cooking and have found that not all are oven safe. However, there are good options out there for you.

The best material to use is cast iron, like these:

Two Cast Iron Skillets in My Kitchen
Two of my cast-iron skillets

I know that not everyone has 100+-year-old skillets that have been passed down through the generations. The good news is that today, multiple good options can be delivered to your door. Stainless steel, copper, coated cast iron, and carbon steel are also oven safe and cook foods perfectly when used in the oven.

For my own oven use, this cast iron skillet is the type I have used for over 50 years, except this one comes with a nice silicone handle that is safe up to 500℉ .

Now that you know which one I recommend and what to look for, here are my top 8 oven-safe skillets that are on the market today. Choose the one that fits your needs best. I have included links to each on Amazon for your convenience.

1. Lodge Cast Iron 10” Skillet

This 10.25” cast iron skillet made by Lodge has features that older cast iron skillets do not have. This particular model is safe to use on the induction stovetop and has a dishwasher-safe silicone handle that protects from heat up to 500℉ for your safety and convenience.

This skillet comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and is ready to use. If you are familiar with cast iron cooking, then you already know that cast iron can’t be beaten for even cooking with no hot spots. They heat evenly and retain that heat. Cast iron also provides versatile cooking and can be your go-to skillet for cooking on the stovetop, on the new induction stovetops, in the oven, on the grill, or over a campfire.

Not only is this new Lodge model safe for use on induction stovetops, but it is also advertised as being dishwasher safe, even though that has always been taboo for cast iron cookware. But, whether or not you use the dishwasher, all cast iron is easy care. All you have to do is hand wash it, make sure it dries completely before stacking, and rub a little cooking oil into it after every use.

As far as how you can use this and other cast iron skillets for cooking, they are perfect for baking, braising, broiling, frying, grilling, searing, sauteing, and making gravy. In fact, a deep cast iron skillet or Dutch oven will even cook the best pot of stew, soup, or gumbo that you have ever tasted.

The Lodge Company has been making cast iron since 1896 and reliably makes a product that can be passed down from one generation to the next. They are tough, durable, and easy to maintain. But, if your cast iron skillet begins to stick or rust spots appear, the re-seasoning process is quite simple and can be accomplished in a very short time. I show exactly how in this video:

2. Legend Cookware 5-Quart Cast Iron Deep Skillet with Lid

This 5-quart cast iron deep skillet with lid made by Legend, goes from stovetop to oven and even outdoors to grill and campfire. Not only is the skillet oven-proof, but the lid can go anywhere the skillet goes. The lid is also made of solid cast iron and has a solid cast iron knob, making it safe for any cooking experience.

The Legend skillet is made from solid premium steel and iron that comes preseasoned with 100% vegetable oil which creates a nonstick surface that is healthy and makes cooking easy with its even heat distribution and retention. This particular model even features an extra-long handle for easier lifting.

As with all cast iron skillets, this one is perfect for baking, braising, broiling, frying, grilling, searing, sauteing, and making gravy. And, this deep cast iron skillet will cook a delicious pot of stew, soup, or gumbo in a hurry.

With a little normal care and maintenance, you will be proud to pass this skillet down to the new generations of cooks in your family.

3. Le Creuset Skillet

This Le Creuset cast iron 4-quart (9-inch) skillet provides the level of heat distribution and retention that you get with all cast iron skillets, but with the non-stick cooking experience of the enamel finish of the skillet’s interior that never requires reseasoning. Plus, the durable exterior finish of all the Le Creuset products is chip and crack resistant and resists becoming dull and stained.

This skillet cooks foods perfectly whether you are stir-frying over high heat, simmering over low heat, searing a steak, or baking a cake, this skillet does it all.

This Le Creuset skillet is dishwasher safe, oven safe up to 500℉, and is compatible with all stovetops. Plus, this skillet features a long handle for easier lifting and handling.

4. Le Creuset 10.25” Enameled Cast Iron Skillet with Glass Lid

This Le Creuset 10.25” enameled cast iron skillet is another great oven-safe skillet that provides the highest level of heat distribution and retention as do the other cast iron skillets, and this one has the added bonus of a matching glass lid with stainless steel knob that is oven safe to 425℉ and allows you to keep an eye on the food as it cooks without having to lift the lid.

This skillet features an enamel interior surface that comes ready to use without requiring any additional seasoning and needs very little oil for cooking, making it a good choice for preparing low-fat meals. This skillet also comes with a “large loop helper handle,” which makes it easy to lift and hold firmly.

This skillet has a beautiful enamel exterior surface that is easy to clean and is stain, chip, and crack resistant. It can be used on all cooktops and is oven safe up to 500℉ and dishwasher safe.

5. All-Clad 6405 Stainless Steel 5-Quart Copper Core Saute Pan with Lid

This skillet made from stainless steel and aluminum with a thick copper core features a stainless steel interior surface for stick-resistant cooking and good heat distribution. The skillet also features straight sides for splatter-resistant cooking and long contoured handles for a comfortable grip. The handles are also vented to stay cool.

This skillet is compatible with all types of cooktops, including induction, and is oven and broiler-safe up to 600℉. However, according to the All-Clad website, “Extended exposure to temperatures over 500°F can cause stainless steel to change color, but will not affect its performance.”

The All-Clad skillet comes with a matching stainless-steel lid. While the skillet is oven and broiler safe up to 600℉, the lids are oven safe only up to 350℉ and should not be used in the broiler.

The durable construction of the All-Clad skillet will last a lifetime and provides easy cleaning, is warp resistant, and is dishwasher safe, although the manufacturer recommends hand washing with soap and a sponge to keep them looking new.

6. Cuisinart 622-30G 12” Hard-Anodized Skillet w/Glass Cover

This Cuisinart hard anodized 12” skillet has a 5-quart capacity and is compatible with all types of stovetops: gas, electric, and induction. This skillet is highly durable since the hard anodized material is harder than stainless steel, and the “proprietary Quantanium” nonstick interior surface is reinforced with titanium and provides a nonfat cooking surface that is easy to clean, although the manufacturer recommends hand washing.

The hard-anodized skillet has unsurpassed heat distribution so that there are no hot spots, and is great for all kinds of cooking, from slow cooking to frying. This pan is oven-safe up to 500℉ and features a cool-grip handle that stays cool for safer use when cooking on a stovetop. The glass lid is oven-safe up to 350℉.

The manufacturer recommends hand washing and offers a lifetime warranty.

7. All-Clad D3 12” Stainless Fry Pan with Lid

This All-Clad frying pan features a flat base and “tri-ply” construction, which means that it is made with an aluminum core that is bonded together with 2 layers of stainless steel, making the pan durable with even heat distribution to eliminate hot spots on the cooking surface.

This frying pan features a highly polished cooking surface that is stick-resistant and easy to maintain, and the stainless steel handles are secured with rivets that give you a safe grip. Plus the pan is compatible with all types of cooktops: gas, electric, and induction, and is oven and broiler safe up to 600℉.

The D3 comes with a lid made of the same “tri-ply” construction, and according to information on the All-Clad website, stainless steel lids are also oven safe up to 600℉, although glass lids are only safe up to 350℉.

Although this pan is dishwasher safe, the manufacturer recommends washing it by hand with soap and a sponge to keep it looking new. This pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

8. Lodge Manufacturing Company carbon steel skillet with Glass Lid

This skillet with matching lid is made of 12 gauge carbon steel that has been seasoned with 100% vegetable oil to create an “easy-release” cooking surface that gets better with use. This skillet comes with a silicone handle cover that protects from heat up to 500℉.

This Lodge skillet is compatible with all types of stovetop surfaces: gas, electric, and induction, and cooks well at low temperatures and high. Here again is a skillet that goes with you and cooks anywhere you do: on a stovetop, in an oven, on a grill, or over a campfire.

This skillet comes with a glass lid made of tempered glass that is oven safe at temperatures up to 400℉ and offers a way to keep an eye on your food as it cooks without having to raise the lid, which would allow moisture and flavor to escape.

This Lodge cookware should be hand washed and dried after every use and rubbed with a small amount of oil to keep the surface cooking and looking its best.

How Do You Know If Your Skillet Is Oven Safe?

If you bought the skillet new and have the original packaging, check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if the skillet is oven safe. If you do not have the original manufacturer’s instructions, take a look at the manufacturer’s website to see what information is available, or a call to the manufacturer’s customer service telephone number will more than likely get you the information you need.

If all else fails, take a look at the construction of the pan. If the pan is made of all metal with metal handle or handles, then it is probably oven safe. Just keep in mind that silicone, plastic, or wooden handles are not oven safe and should not be used except on a stovetop.

Are Skillet Lids Oven Safe?

Most skillet lids are not made to go into the oven and are not made of materials that are oven safe. Even if the lids are made of materials that are oven safe, many have plastic or wooden knobs or handles that make the lids unsafe for oven use. But, the good news is that many skillet lids are safe for oven use, although some are safe up to a certain temperature.

Here is a list of things to look for that make your skillet lids safe for use in the oven:

  • Lids made solely of solid stainless steel, cast iron, or coated cast iron.
  • Lids that are made of tempered glass, and the band is marked with a symbol that indicates that it is oven safe. Tempered glass, however, has limitations and is only safe at temperatures up to 500℉.
  • Lids that are made of solid stainless steel, cast iron, or coated cast iron that do not have knobs or handles made of plastic or wood.

The best way to determine whether your skillet lid is oven safe is to check the manufacturer’s information on safe usage. Without that information, it is best to err on the side of caution and just not use the lid in the oven.

Are Skillets With Non-Stick Coating Oven Safe?

In general, skillets with a Teflon coating are considered safe for cooking in the oven. While the original Teflon coating contained a compound (PFOA) that produced certain toxins that were found to be harmful and could cause flu-like symptoms with extended exposure, coated skillets that were made after 2013 were manufactured with Teflon that was PFOA free and are considered safe.

While teflon-coated pans are considered safe for oven use, manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed. Most coated pans are recommended for use at oven temperatures ranging from 350℉ to 500℉ and should not be used when broiling. Broiling could damage the non-stick coating.

The advantage of having a non-stick pan that is oven safe is that the food you are preparing can be started on the stovetop and then transferred to the oven in the same pan. Just be sure you are moving the pan from one hot surface to another and not from cold to hot or hot to cold, which could damage the coating on the pan or cause the pan to warp.

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