How Many Peaches in a Bushel (With Measurement Chart)

There are approximately 140-150 peaches in a bushel. However, the precise number can vary depending on the size and weight of the peaches. Since many peaches weigh ⅓ of a pound (0.15 kg) each and a bushel weighs approximately 50 pounds (0.02 kg), it will carry 150 peaches. 

The rest of the article will discuss how the number of peaches in a bushel can vary, how long a bushel of peaches can last, and various interesting things you can do with a bushel of peaches.


How Can the Number of Peaches in a Bushel Vary?

The number of peaches in a bushel can vary because it all depends on the size of the peaches. But since many peaches weigh ⅓ of a pound (0.15 kg) each and a bushel weighs around 48-50 pounds (21.77 – 22.67 kg), it’s likely to carry 150 peaches, give or take a few.

As you can imagine, there’ll be fewer peaches in a bushel if the peaches are larger. However, if the peaches are on the smaller side (let’s say ¼ of a pound or 0.11 kg each), there’ll be more than 150 peaches in the bushel

So, before you try to guess how many peaches are in a bushel, you should take into account the average weight of each individual peach.

Below is a chart to help you understand how many peaches can be in a whole bushel:

Peach weightNumber of peaches in a bushel (if the bushel is 50 pounds or 22.67 kg)
⅓ of a pound each (0.15 kg)150 peaches
¼ of a pound each (0.11 kg)200 peaches
½ of a pound each (0.22 kg)100 peaches

Remember that some peaches may be slightly heavier or lighter than others, so it’s not always easy to know precisely how many are in a bushel.

How Many Peaches Are in a Half Bushel?

There are approximately 75 peaches in a half bushel if each peach weighs ⅓ of a pound and the whole bushel weighs the standard of 50 pounds (22.67 kg). However, the number of peaches in a half bushel may vary, depending on the weight of the peaches.

As you know from the previous section, an entire bushel of peaches should weigh 50 pounds or 22.67 kg (according to the Clemson Cooperative Extension). Therefore, a half bushel should weigh 25 pounds (11.33 kg). 

If the peaches weigh ½ of a pound (0.22 kg) each, there will only be 50 peaches in a half bushel to make up the 25 pounds (11.33 kg). 

Below is another table detailing how many peaches can be in a half bushel:

Peach weightNumber of peaches in a half bushel (if the full bushel weighs 50 pounds or 22.67 kg)
⅓ of a pound each (0.15 kg)75 peaches
¼ of a pound each (0.11 kg)100 peaches
½ of a pound each (0.22 kg)50 peaches

How Many Quarts Do You Get From a Bushel of Peaches?

You will get around 20 quarts of sliced peaches from a bushel. So, for example, if you want to put your sliced peaches in 32-ounce (907.18 g) mason jars, you’ll need at least 20 jars to fit all your sliced peaches. That’s because a 32-ounce (907.18 g) mason jar holds precisely 1 quart.


Since you will get approximately 20 quarts from a bushel, you should ensure you have enough jars to carry the sliced peaches. That is, unless you plan on doing something else with some of the peaches. For example, you might want to slice some of them to keep in jars but use others to make a pie.

If you want to know how many quarts you get from a half bushel of peaches, it should be around 10 quarts. This means that you’d likely need 10 mason jars (the 32-ounce or 907.18 g ones) for a half bushel of sliced peaches.

How Long Does a Bushel of Peaches Last?

How long a bushel of peaches lasts depends on the ripeness. Peaches that are already ripe won’t last as long as unripe ones. Ripe peaches will only last around three days, so you should consume, prepare, or freeze them as soon as possible. 

If the peaches are unripe, you can leave them on the counter for 3-5 days. After that, they’ll have an additional few days (around three) until they go bad. Placing them in the refrigerator after ripening them will give them an extra day or two, but not much longer.

Since you’ll have approximately 150 peaches in a bushel, that’s a lot of fruit to get through in a few days! So, consider using them for things like baked goods or ice cream. 

I’ll discuss the different things you can do with a bushel of peaches later in the article to ensure you make the most of your yield.

How Do You Store a Bushel of Peaches?

You can store a bushel of peaches in different ways. For example, you could keep them on the counter for a few days and eat them while they’re ripe. You can also refrigerate them to make them last a little longer. Or, you can slice and freeze them to consume at a later date.

Since a bushel contains many peaches, freezing some of them is probably a good idea to avoid waste. The best time to freeze them is when they’re already ripe because they’ll retain the perfect amount of sweetness once frozen.

However, you shouldn’t just place your peaches right in the freezer. Instead, you must remove the skin and cut them into smaller pieces. That way, you can put them in the freezer and defrost them as you please. It’s best to ensure that each piece of peach is separate, so they don’t stick together. 

Avoid storing unripe peaches in the fridge or freezer. Storing them in the refrigerator or freezer will slow the ripening process, making them less enjoyable to eat. You should also avoid storing ripe peaches covered on the counter for too long because they’ll start to go bad quickly.

What To Do With a Bushel of Peaches

I’ve discussed how you can store a bushel of peaches, but I haven’t discussed the interesting things you can do with them to make the most of your fruit yield.

Since there are so many peaches in a whole bushel, it’s good to do different things with them, as it means none of them will go to waste. 

Read the sections below to learn about the different things you can do with your bushel of peaches!

Allow the Peaches To Ripen if They Haven’t Already

The first thing you should do is assess whether or not the peaches are ripe. Most things you can do with peaches are best when they’re ripe, so wait a few days if they’re not ripe yet.

The time you must wait will depend on how unripe the peaches are. For example, if they’re highly unripe and firm, you may need to wait 3-4 days. But if they’re only slightly unripe and not very firm, you may only need to wait a day or two.

Once ripe, you can eat them and do many other things!

Make Peach Ice Cream

Making ice cream is one of the best and most fun things to do with a bushel of peaches. It’s an excellent way to use such a large number of fruits, and it’s a tasty treat for those hot summer days. You’ll need an ice cream machine for the best results.


Of course, you don’t need to use all the peaches to make ice cream, but you can use as many as you wish. The more peaches you use, the more ice cream you can make! 

You’ll need some other ingredients to make your peach ice cream, including:

  • Sugar
  • Cream
  • Milk 
  • Egg yolks

It’s vital to peel and cut peaches if you want to use them to make ice cream. The process will require you to blend or mash them, so they mix nicely with the rest of the ingredients.

The time it takes to make ice cream from peaches isn’t that long, but you must wait a few hours to let everything freeze and set. Altogether, the process will likely take around five hours.

Freeze the Peaches

I already mentioned freezing the bushel of peaches in a different section, but it is one of the best methods because it allows them to last a long time. 

By freezing peaches, you can use them as you need for different recipes and purposes. For example, you might freeze a bunch of peaches and then use some of them a few weeks later to make ice cream. Then, a few weeks after that, you may want to use some to make a smoothie.

Freezing them right as they turn ripe is convenient and gives you plenty of options.

Bake Something

While ice cream is just one delicious meal you can make out of peaches from a bushel, you can also consider baking something with them. One of the most common things to make with peaches is a pie because it’s easy to make and super tasty.

To bake a pie with peaches, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Peaches
  • Sugar
  • Pie crust
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Flour
  • Butter

Another popular and delicious choice is an upside-down peach cake. You’ll need similar ingredients for this type of cake, but you won’t need to make a crust, so it’s less time-consuming.

An upside-down cake is sweet and syrupy, perfect if you have a sweet tooth and want to use some of the peaches from your bushel. If you have lots of peaches to spare, you can make as many cakes and pies as you need!

Roast the Peaches

Roasted peaches are a perfect hot and sweet treat, whether you’re eating alone or having plenty of guests over. Plus, it’s easy and quick to roast peaches, so you don’t need to wait hours to enjoy the taste.

To roast peaches, it’s best to coat them in something like honey or syrup. You may also use some sugar to add extra sweetness and caramelization. 

It’s best to use ripe peaches for this, so if they’re not ripe yet, keep them on the counter for at least a day before roasting. Once the peaches are ripe enough, peel and slice them so you can roast them evenly.

And, of course, you can roast as many or as few peaches as you’d like. Roasting is a perfect way to use up some peaches from a bushel! 

You can also freeze your peaches and defrost them later to roast them. If it’s a hot summer’s day and you want to have a barbeque, you can also grill peaches over an open flame. 

Give Some Away

If there are too many peaches in the bushel, consider giving some away to colleagues, friends, and family. For example, bring some to work if you know your coworkers will eat and enjoy the peaches.

You could also give some to your children to share amongst their school friends or bring some to your local homeless shelter. Think of the people who would appreciate the peaches the most and make an effort to give them some.

If you know you have guests coming over, place some of the peaches on the table so that people can eat them as they please.

Can the Peaches

Another excellent way to preserve peaches from a bushel is to can them. Canning peaches is a superb way to prolong their shelf lives, and it’s a relatively straightforward process. You’ll need some jars, sugar, and a water bath canner to make the best possible canned peaches.

Woman holding a jar of canned of peaches

Canning peaches at home has several benefits, including enhancing some of the nutrients already present in pre-canned peaches. Canned peaches are packed with vitamin C and other vital nutrients, so it’s an excellent way to use your harvested fruits!

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Bottom Line 

There are generally around 140-150 peaches in a bushel, but the precise amount depends on the weight and size of the individual peaches. If each peach weighs ⅓ of a pound (0.15 kg), the bushel will have around 150 peaches. But if the peaches only weigh ¼ of a pound (0.11 kg), the bushel will have about 200 peaches.

Since there are so many peaches in a bushel, you must consider how you want to store and use them. Freezing and making baked goods are just some things you can do to prolong your peaches’ life.

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