How to Reheat Apple Pie (So It’s Not Soggy)

Everyone knows that apple pie is best when fresh out of the oven, before refrigeration. When reheated, the crust tends to become soggy, and I have often wondered if there is a good way to avoid this. So, I’ve been doing some research and have discovered at least five ways to reheat apple pie, some of which do not make the crust soggy.

The best way to reheat apple pie, so it’s not soggy is in the oven. Just preheat the oven to 350℉, place the pie on a baking sheet, “tent” the pie with aluminum foil, and bake it for about 15 minutes. Then, remove the foil covering and bake for the final 5 minutes. This method makes the pie taste freshly baked.

Even though the oven method is the best way to reheat apple pie, there are four other methods that can be used. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about each method of reheating apple pie, discuss the benefits, and rate them first to last.

#1 Oven Method


We have already established that the number one method most often used for reheating apple pie is the oven method which results in a pie that tastes very much like freshly baked. Here are the step-by-step instructions for reheating apple pie using the oven method:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350℉.
  2. Place the pie on a baking sheet.
  3. Tent the pie with aluminum foil to avoid burning the crust.
  4. Bake the pie for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the foil covering and bake for an additional 5 minutes.


  1. The pie will be reheated and will taste very much like a freshly baked pie.
  2. The pie crust will be flaky and never soggy. 
  3. You can use this method to reheat any amount of pie, from one slice to an entire pie.


The only disadvantage to using the oven method for reheating apple pie is that this method takes significantly longer than the other methods.

#2 AirFryer Method


The air fryer is another really good way of reheating apple pie. Here are the simple step-by-step instructions:

  1. Set your air fryer to 350℉.
  2. Place the pie into the air fryer basket.
  3. Heat the pie for 3 to 5 minutes or until it is heated all the way through.


  1. The air fryer method reheats apple pie very well.
  2. The air fryer method works very quickly.
  3. This method results in a crisp pie crust, and does not make the crust soggy.


  1. The air fryer method requires that you watch the process very carefully because it cooks very fast, and it would be very easy to burn the pie rather than just reheating it.
  2. Because of the small size of some of the air fryers, it would be difficult to reheat more than one slice of pie at the time.

#3 Stove-top Method


The stove-top method is also a good way to reheat an apple pie, but it is a little tricky. The trick is to use enough heat to heat the apple pie all the way through, but that is not hot enough to burn the pie before it has had a chance to heat thoroughly. Here is the way to reheat apple pie on the stovetop:

  1. Place a griddle or skillet onto the stovetop. Using a cast iron griddle or skillet would work the best, or at least a thicker skillet. Using a thin skillet would cause the pie crust to burn before heating the pie filling all the way through.
  2. Turn the burner on to a lower setting and place the pie to be reheated into the skillet. This will allow the pie to begin heating as the skillet heats up. There is no need to add any type of oil to the skillet.
  3. Cover the skillet with its lid, or tent the pie with foil if the skillet is unlidded.
  4. Heat the pie for approximately 10 minutes
  5. Watch the pie closely as it heats, checking the crust often to be sure it is not burning on the bottom.
  6. Remove the lid or foil and heat for an additional 5 minutes to make sure the crust is flaky and crisp.


This method of heating apple pie is relatively fast.


This method makes it easy to burn the pie before it is heated.

#4 Toaster Oven Method


The toaster oven method is very similar to heating apple pie in the oven. Here are the basic instructions, but time and temperature to be used will depend on the type of toaster oven you are using.

  1. Place the pie on a layer of foil or directly on the tray in the toaster oven. 
  2. Turn the toaster oven to the bake setting and the temperature of 350℉.
  3. Set the timer for 10 minutes and begin the heating process.
  4. Watch the pie closely while it is heating as it may be necessary to cover the pie with foil to prevent the crust from burning before the pie is heated throughout.
  5. Remove the pie at the end of 10 minutes or when it is heated. 


  1. This method will reheat the pie more quickly than using an oven.
  2. This method will brown the pie crust more quickly than other methods.


  1. Because of the smaller space inside the toaster oven, the pie crust could burn before the pie is heated all the way through.
  2. The pie will have to be watched carefully during the heating process because the risk of burning the crust is so high.

#5 Microwave Method


Reheating apple pie in a microwave is certainly the fastest method, but to me is the least effective method because microwaving will make the crust soggy. Here is how to do it:

  1. Place the pie in the microwave on a microwave-safe dish.
  2. Heat on high in 20-30 second intervals until the pie is done all the way through.
  3. Serve immediately.


  • This is the easiest method for reheating apple pie.
  • This is the fastest method for reheating apple pie.


  • Reheating apple pie in a microwave will result in a soggy pie crust.
  • Reheating apple pie in a microwave will cause the pie to be hard and tough if not eaten right away.

How To Prevent A Soggy Pie Crust?

No one likes a soggy pie crust, no matter what kind of pie you are making. So, here are some tips to help prevent a soggy pie crust and to help ensure that your crust is flaky and crisp:

  • Use a ceramic pie pan, which is the best type of pie pan for baking flaky pie crust.
  • Brush the inside bottom of the pie crust with a beaten egg white.
  • Partially pre-bake the bottom pie crust before adding the pie filling.

Does Apple Pie Have To Be Refrigerated?

Apple pie and other types of fruit pie, such as peach, pear, and strawberry, do not have to be stored in the refrigerator as long as they are made with sugar. According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), “…fruit pies are food-safe at room temperature for up to two days.  This recommendation is based upon fruit pies made with sugar as the combination of sugar and acid in the fruit is sufficient to retard bacterial growth.”

So this means that we can avoid putting our apple pie into the refrigerator for 2 days after it has been baked. But, apple pie will last up to 4 days in the refrigerator.

What Is The Best Way To Store Apple Pie?

Even though apple pie doesn’t have to be refrigerated and stays good at room temperature for up to 2 days, it will stay fresh longer (up to 4 days), if refrigerated. Apple pie can also be frozen to use at a later time.

But, whether an apple pie is left unrefrigerated, stored in the refrigerator, or is stored in the freezer, the most important thing to help it stay fresh as long as possible is to cover or wrap it properly. An apple pie can be stored on a kitchen counter with a bowl inverted over it, it can be placed in a cake taker, or it can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container or wrapped carefully in plastic wrap and foil.

Can Apple Pie Be Frozen?

Apple pie can be frozen and will remain good in the freezer if wrapped properly for 3 to 6 months. 

What Is The Best Way To Wrap Pie For Freezing?

Here are the best methods of wrapping a pie of any kind for freezing:

  1. Use a container, like this one found on Amazon, that is both freezer-safe and stackable to conserve storage space in your freezer.
  2. Wrap the pie in a double layer of plastic wrap, making sure the wrap is sealed securely. Then add a layer of aluminum foil over the plastic wrap to protect the pie from freezer burn and cross-contamination with other food stored in your freezer.

How Do I Thaw a Frozen Apple Pie?

Follow these steps to thaw a frozen apple pie:

  1. Remove the pie from the freezer at least 12 to 24 hours before serving.
  2. Remove the foil and plastic wrap.
  3. Allow the pie to thaw in the refrigerator to avoid condensation that would make the crust soggy.

Is Apple Pie Better Served Hot or Cold?

Apple pie is a very versatile dessert that can be served many different ways, and whether apple pie tastes better served hot or cold is a matter of personal preference. Some people absolutely love hot apple pie. Others, however, think that apple pie is much tastier served cold.

But, those are not the only ways that apple pie can be served. Let’s not forget that there are a number of toppings that can be served on apple pie. Here are a few of those toppings:

  • A slice of cheddar cheese.
  • A scoop of ice cream.
  • A sprinkle of powdered sugar.
  • A dollop of whipped topping.
  • A caramel sauce.
  • A hard sauce made with bourbon, brandy, or rum.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like your apple pie cold and are not concerned about reheating it or whether you prefer to have your pie warm with a scoop of ice cream or other toppings, this article should give you a place to start to plan how you will serve your leftover apple pie.

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